Ephrath Boutique’s Fashion Palooza

Video Credit: Lamel

Hey Loves! I am so excited to share Ephrath Boutique’s Fashion Palooza Promo Video for their upcoming event on June 6th! I had the awesome privilege to be featured on their video! Their clothes were amazing! I had so much fun trying clothes on and getting my hair and make up done. Photoshoots are already outside my comfort zone so I never really thought I can pull off video shoots like this one but I am so glad I did! It was definitely an amazing experience and would love to do it over and over again!

If you would like to hear more about my experience, make sure that you comment below and stay tuned for my upcoming posts. Comment below if you would like to know more about Ephrath Boutique’s event on June 6th. Please click the links below and do follow me on social media:

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