New York State of Mind


I know I know, it’s been a while since I posted on my blog. Sorry loves! My mind has been all over the place lately dealing with so many issues you wouldn’t want to hear about. But, no worries! I’m back! 😉 I recently went to New York City to meet with someone and I just want to share my feelings about it. Not about the person, but about my city.

Technically, I am from New Jersey but my heart belongs to New York City. Most people hate the traffic, overpopulation, long walks, rude cab drivers (rude drivers), nasty subway smell, and the list goes on. Unlike most people though, I can see past all of that and appreciate its beauty and how it makes me feel.

I was able to sit down in a nice coffee shop between 22nd and 21st street on Broadway. I took a seat outside. As I was sipping my cappuccino, I put my phone down (after I took this photo, of course) and stopped listening to my NYC playlist. I listened to the traffic around me instead, listening to the city noises that most people complain about. People’s footsteps and laughters surrounded me as I sat there. It was a chilly and a gloomy day in New York City yet I felt….grateful. Grateful that even though it was about to rain and I didn’t have an umbrella on me, I was there. Alive. Breathing. I was sitting at a nice coffee shop instead of begging for food or money in a street corner. Though the city noises could be annoying, at least I could still hear them. The smelly subway could make my stomach turn, but at least I could still smell. The long walks from the train station to my destination could be really tiring, but at least I could still walk.

The beauty of New York City, at least for me, is not just about the beautiful buildings and amazing lights we witness at night. Every time I step foot in the city, I feel blessed. Walking around New York gives me the time to think and look back on all the things I’ve been through to be where I am right now. It also gives me that moment to dream and hope for the future. I may not be where I want to be at the moment, but I’m here. Alive. Breathing, writing this blog for all of you to read.

This post might be all over the place and a bit dramatic. But I guess, what I want you all to get from this is that no matter how hard life gets, no matter how much pain we feel, no matter what we’re going through, NEVER EVER GIVE UP. Be thankful for it instead. We have heard this before, “Pain demands to be felt.” Which is absolutely true. But pain also reminds us that we’re alive. Life is not just all about the beautiful and happy times that we go through. Pain, sadness, heartaches also come with it. Life happens when you overcome them.

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