Jersey City’s Very Own, Just Beclaws

Just Beclaws. The name was so catchy. I wondered about this freshly opened seafood restaurant in Jersey City for weeks and I finally got the chance to experience it. I would give a full review about the place but I don’t want to be biased. The owner is my friend’s sister-in-law. So just let me share some photos. Check them out!

The store looked small from the outside but they did a job well done with the store’s interior. I was able to take a few photos by the entrance but didn’t get the chance to take photos inside the restaurant. I was too excited to eat!
wpid-wp-1434653190994.jpeg wpid-wp-1434653181339.jpeg wpid-wp-1434653172976.jpeg I ordered crab fries and lobster roll. They were delicious!! I finished the crabs before I even got to the fries #sorrynotsorry. 😛 The lobster roll was smaller than I thought but nevertheless, it was still amazing. 



3 thoughts on “Jersey City’s Very Own, Just Beclaws

  1. I would love to try this place! I just moved to Jersey City and I am looking for great places to eat. I hope to post my exploration of the new city on my blog – and food too!

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