It’s Okay to Dress Down


Top: Baleno

Bottom: Addidas

Shoes: Nike Roshe Run

Bag: Forever21

Hey loves! Just wanted to share my 4th of July outfit. This year, for a lot of reasons, I didn’t feel like dressing up. Weather was one of them. It was rainy and gloomy so I thought, why bother? (definitely not the right attitude though) Also, I didn’t really know that my family wanted to go shopping. Originally, we were gonna go to the park so my family could relax while I ran my 4 miles. Unfortunately, it was too packed. So we turned around and went to the mall instead. This was not my outfit in the first place. I was wearing my Underarmour sports bra and an old-cut off shirt. Good thing I brought my white tee and a regular bra.

It’s totally OKAY to dress down from time to time, just keep it tasteful. 😉


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