My Wednesdate: Bloggers, Beer, and Banter Meet Up


Yesterday was my very first bloggers meet up and I was so nervous, excited, scared, curious, and everything in between! This event hosted by Preeline, a trendsetting social platform, gave me the opportunity to meet and speak to fellow bloggers, fashion designers, event planners, fashion students, PR specialists, and CEO’s. We were brought together by our common interest in fashion and the industry.

This event was held at the Bed-Stuy boutique, Sincerely, Tommy in Brooklyn, New York where products and exclusive items from all over the world were showcased throughout the night. The space was absolutely chic and gorgeous and even more special because of the little coffee counter that they have in there. It was definitely perfect for an intimate event like this one. The event started at 6:30PM but I got there at 6 and there were people already there setting up. At first, it was very intimidating given that this was my very first meet up. I didn’t know what to expect at all. I was immediately greeted by David, one of the founders of Preeline, and spoke to me about the company and what it aims to do in the fashion and tech industry. He made me comfortable enough to eventually go around the room, introduce myself, and meet other people.

The entire event was literally networking and getting to know people in the fashion industry. There was no event programs whatsoever. Guests were offered with snacks and drinks provided by Sixpoint Brewery and Bedford Hill Coffee Bar while Preeline set up a spot where guests could take photos and have them printed out. Throughout the night, I was able to meet young designers, creative directors, photographers, and CEO’s and was able to speak about what we do and our future plans. We were able to exchange contacts for future collaboration.

20150729_185853 20150729_201722 20150729_194659

When guests were not talking to other guests, we were allowed to go around the boutique and check out the amazing line of clothes and accessories Sincerely, Tommy offers.

20150729_183144 20150729_183153 20150729_190024 20150729_190116 20150729_191415 20150729_192835 20150729_192841 20150729_192852 20150729_192916 20150729_192926 20150729_194653 20150729_201131 20150729_201525 20150729_201537 20150729_201554 20150729_201608 20150729_201613 20150729_201625 20150729_201640 20150729_201652 20150729_201701

I met amazing people last night and really hope to see them again soon! It was such an amazing experience to meet people driven by the same passion as I do. Though it was nerve-wracking in the beginning, the event turned out fun and even helpful. Hearing stories of how people started, their struggles, and their plans were inspiring. It was nice to see that the things I feel about starting a blog were almost consistent among all of us. I’m truly grateful for being able to take part of this event.

Check these photos from Preeline’s Photo Booth.


L-R: Jasmine, Rady, Aislinn ( That’s me!), and Esta

20150730_150813 20150730_150845

Me with Rady, a young fashion designer, CEO of Saviwear.

Thank you Sixpoint Brewery and Bedford Hill Coffee Bar for the drinks and snacks last night!

20150729_184836 20150729_184907 20150729_184932

Stay tuned for my 25th Birthday Post and Tips for your first Bloggers Meet-Up.

6 thoughts on “My Wednesdate: Bloggers, Beer, and Banter Meet Up

  1. Stay tuned for my 25th Birthday Post and Tips for your first Bloggers Meet-Up.

    eagerly awaiting to read it and wish you all the best the progress you are making in your personal and professional life……………you too stay tuned………………
    Wishing you all the best……………………….

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