25th Birthday! Another Journey Begins

I just recently celebrated my 25th birthday a few weeks ago and if it wasn’t because of my family and friends, it would’ve been just another day for me. I kinda stopped getting excited about my birthday since after I celebrated my 21st.

Birthday is a day to remember the moment we were brought into this world. However, it hasn’t been like that for me for so long. Instead of looking back and remembering that day, I look back and celebrate all the days after. Those are the days that, I think, are more important. Days that make us who we are today. I always say this and I’ll say it again. I may not be where I want to be at 25 but I am grateful for all the successes, failures, pains, heartaches, happiness, and mistakes I’ve been through. It is so easy to regret some of the things that happened in my life but I try not to think that way now. I believe 100% that things do happen for a reason and everything is a learning experience. I am just thankful for another year that has gone by and another chance to make things right and make things happen.

Thank you for my family and friends who greeted and celebrated with me on that day and the days after. ❤ Check out #piasjourneyto25 (click the link or go to your instagram) to see all my posts from the day after my birthday last year leading to my birthday this year. 🙂 What should be my next hashtag? LOL

20150727_204014 20150727_204000 20150727_204025 20150727_203950

My family ordered from Dominos and we stayed in and enjoyed some quality time. 


“Happy Birthday Ate (Big Sister) Pia (my nickname)!” This was my birthday cake from my little bro who’s only a year younger than me. He always makes sure that I have a birthday cake and candle to blow on my birthday. ❤

20150728_135008 20150728_142229 20150728_142214 20150728_142159

20150728_150100 20150728_142352

The next day, my ladies took me to lunch at a cute local restaurant in Downtown Jersey City called Marco & Pepe. 


My second birthday cake courtesy of Mado and Anna. Thank you girls! ❤


“I stopped wishing for material things in life because I accepted the fact that those things don’t really last. Instead, I wish for peace, strength, comfort, & acceptance. Peace of mind that will let me go to sleep at night and wake up in the morning contented and happy. Strength to overcome any troubles in life and the comfort that my family and friends are always safe and sound. Finally, I want to be able to accept myself completely and love everything about me, faults and flaws included.”

8 thoughts on “25th Birthday! Another Journey Begins

    If I say, you made my day, will you believe it?
    Yes, this is first post I am reading and simply made my day, First of all “Happy Birthday to My dearest Friend”, Second, you have share your amazing,cool and very beautiful images through links and believe me,each image is very much stunning and shinning and simply you rocks, once again thanks for sharing these images.
    Third, last but not least, your this post, I don’t have proper words to describe the beauty of your writing, your this post has philosophy of life, simply mantra of living happily and some thought-provoking thoughts, classic and cumulative effect of this one very very sweet post to start the day.
    I am more than happy to admit that I am following your blog and from miles away travelling with you in this journey,
    Once again, Wishing you all the best for bright future,happiness and joy.

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    • This means a lot. Thank you so much. You make me so excited to share my journey through this blog and I appreciate that. I cant wait to share with you and my other followers my trip to Hawaii. Thank you for the support. 🙂


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