Product Review on Cellucor C4

Disclaimer: Hey loves! As promised, this is a product review for Cellucor C4, a pre-workout drink that I started taking about three weeks ago. Before I get started, I want to clarify that what you’re about to read is my personal experience with the product. Please be reminded that side effects may vary from person to another. Make sure to read the labels, directions, and consult your doctor before taking any supplements. This is an honest review and not an attempt to sell the product. No compensation is offered or given to me or this blog. 

Just to put you into perspective, I stand 5″4 and weigh between 122 lbs.- 125 lbs. (this is not easy to admit lol) and workout three times a week, usually at night, on and off. I have decided to take C4 to get me pumped up and energized whenever I workout. They claim to maximize your energy so workouts become more effective. Let’s take a look at some of its ingredients.


These are two cans of C4, strawberry margarita on the left and fruit punch on the right. They basically have the same ingredients other than 5mg difference of the amount of Calcium in each can. Creatine is the most important ingredient that we should discuss. According to WebMD, without the supplement, Creatine is already found and produced by our body. It is mostly found in our muscles which is involved in the making of energy that our muscles need to work. You can then assume that taking Creatine supplement like C4 can help with muscle growth and increased level of performance in exercises. According to what I’ve read, creatine draws water from the rest of your body to feed into your muscles which will help them grow. The way I see it, using C4 without any kind of strength training or workout, you’re only retaining water weight instead of actually gaining muscles and burning fat. Cellucor C4, just like other supplements, is just a SUPPLEMENT. It’s not a magic drink that will build muscles and make you lose weight without doing the actual work.

The first direction in taking C4 is mixing one scoop of the powder with 4-6oz of water 20-30 minutes before working out. I didn’t follow that at all, instead, I used two scoops of C4 with 8 oz of water for my first try. The mix was too sweet and “powdery” (another lack of a better term). 😦 I finished the drink and 30 minutes after, I was off to the gym. My body’s initial reaction to it was the tingling feeling. I felt it on my toes, my fingers and the back of my neck. So at first, I was too focused and worried about the strange thing that was going on in my body instead of focusing on my workout (which consisted mostly of weight lifting). An hour after my workout, I was so hyper, too hyper for people around me to handle. I didn’t sleep at all. My body was tired but my mind was wide awake. I slept around 5am and woke up at noon the same day.

Days after my first dose of Cellucor C4, I was taking 1 scoop with 6oz. of water. The mix was so much better than the first time. It was just like drinking a regular fruit punch. My workouts went so much better as well. I was able to work through the tingling feeling and actually had a lot of energy. Because I usually workout at night, I still had a hard time sleeping. The tingling feeling was constant. I just learned how to work through it and finish every set.

In addition, I also felt sick the first few days of using Cellucor C4. I was nauseous at times and there were moments when I had to skip my workout and go home. I noticed that if I took C4 without food, that’s when I felt sick and jittery. I also felt light headed during weight lifting. With that said, I only take C4 every other workout. I try not to rely on it for that extra energy, instead, I make sure to have enough sleep and proper nutrition.

For those of you who plan on trying Cellucor C4, make sure that you take minimal dosage to allow your body to adjust. DO NOT take more that what’s recommended. Listen to your body. If you experience more of bad side effects than its benefits, I suggest to stop taking it and try other products.

Thanks loves for reading! I hope this little product review helps. If you have specific questions regarding this product, feel free to comment below and I’ll do my best to find answers for you.

lots of love! ❤

To Women Who Lift Weights: “You look bulky.”



“You look bulky” is probably one of the many offensive comments women, who lift weights, constantly hear. I have never gotten into weight lifting but I have done it enough to get those comments. I’ve heard, “You look like a man,” “Your arms are bigger than mine (coming from a man)” or “You look buffy.” As much as I didn’t want them to affect me, I couldn’t help it. I was discouraged and decided to stop. I moved into doing more cardio hoping to burn all the muscles I’ve gained. Whatever.

Coming from an asian culture, it’s different. The expectations for women are very different. We are not supposed to look too muscular or too “cut.” Beauty or sexy is defined as skinny; like really skinny. There’s nothing wrong with being skinny. Unfortunately, some people (usually those who are close to you) are closed-minded and very easy to judge those who choose to be different. I had that mindset before but after a while, I got over it. I got inspired by women like Anne Phung (check her Instagram here), Ashley Rivera (click her Instagram here), and Aubrey Miles (click her Instagram here) to break the norm for asian women like us. I just started weightlifting again and I still need to learn so much more about it. It can be challenging (sometimes, even dangerous) so I’m taking it one workout at a time.

Weightlifting still scares me. I do think about getting “bulky,” and hearing those comments from time to time. However, I’m starting to realize that I’ll be damned if I do, damned if I don’t. So why the hell should I care about what people have to say about it, or about me? The more important thing is how it makes me feel right? Truthfully, weightlifting empowers me. Every rep is such an accomplishment and moving up to heavier weights is even a bigger deal. I love feeling sore the next day. I just need to process and embrace the fact that the goal is not to fit in 0 or 00 anymore. I’m not trying to become a bodybuilder (yet). The main goal is to shut negative comments out the door and focus on myself, my happiness, my strength, my own progress. It’s a process and doesn’t happen overnight.

For those of you who don’t appreciate weightlifting, it’s totally okay. We all have different fitness goals. BUT…and I say this in the nicest way possible…shut your mouth if you have nothing encouraging to say. Be sensitive enough and keep your unsolicited advice to yourself. Even if you mean well, certain comments can affect people in a bad way. I do have a couple of people who I completely trust and gave them permission to be completely honest and straightforward with me (you know who you are <3).

Do you lift weights or scared of lifting weights? I would love to hear from you! Let’s encourage and empower one another. 😉

Lots of love!


“Strong is the new skinny.”

Free Your Mind & Run


Hey loves! Excuse my sweaty self. I wasn’t able to sleep the other night and was up until 5:00AM the next day. It must have been the pre-workout I had the night before. Anyways, since I couldn’t fall asleep, I decided to run my 4 miles. I started running 4 miles every other day trying to beat my time. Bronx-10 mile is just around the corner and this would be my very first “almost half-marathon” race. If you know me, you know that I hate running. So I decided to set a goal for myself and do a half-marathon this year.

To be honest, that run was such a struggle! Due to lack of sleep, I wasn’t able to run as fast as I could. As soon as I hit my 2 mile mark, my legs started cramping. It was supposed to be my rest day but I went for a run anyway.  I decided not to count it against my goal so I turned off my phone’s GPS (and stopped tracking my run) and decided to just walk back. On my way, I went through the park instead of taking my regular route. It was such a lovely morning: warm but cool and breezy. My music was on blast as I walked through nature and I felt so….free and light. For once, I didn’t feel pressured about anything.

So here are some photos I took during my walk earlier. I took some shots and put my phone down. I didn’t wanna be occupied with social media and all other BS on my phone. I plan on doing this more often, just walking/running around to clear my head and nothing else. It’s actually refreshing.


wpid-20150708_064850.jpg wpid-20150708_064910.jpg wpid-20150708_065141.jpg wpid-20150708_065330.jpg