Grab A Snack, Literally!

Disclaimer: This cafe is owned by family friends but upon their request, the content of this post is pure honesty and no bias.


The street where I spent my first months in the United States is now housing a brand new adorable cafe that invites you to Grab A Snack, literally! It doesn’t get any more local than this! Grab A Snack is now open at the corner of Westside Avenue and Virginia in Jersey City, New Jersey operating in their regular hours from Monday to Sunday 7am to 9pm and on Wednesdays from 7am to 6pm. Although surrounded by restaurants and other food spots that have been there for several years, Grab A Snack offers a different twist on your everyday meals. It offers food choices and meals that satisfy your hunger from breakfast, lunch, dinner, and even snacks in between. Owners want to create an all season and all day kind of menu to satisfy customers’ needs. This is not your typical corner cafe that only sells products that you can already avail from other places. Grab A Snack adds their own recipe of salad dressing, asian chicken wrap, and adobo flakes rice bowl that you won’t find anywhere else!


Grab A Snack caters to those of us who are constantly on-the-go and looking to grab something quick but healthy at the same time. The “rice bowl evolution where east meets west,” as one of the owners states, allows Grab A Snack to provide a more convenient way of serving complete nutrient dense meals. As starter, bulgogi, chicken, and seafood rice bowls are offered but owners are already in the process of adding more options in their menu. Other than rice bowls, Grab A Snack takes pride in serving freshly made garden salad served with their very own salad dressing and a unique twist on its asian wraps. You’re just gonna have to come and experience it yourself to know what I’m talking about. 😉

Of course I had to experience it myself to be able to tell all of that to all of you. I was able to visit Grab A Snack yesterday around 4pm which was the day after their Grand Opening. I purposely skipped the event to be able to get a more intimate experience of the cafe.




The place is quite small with only two tables and three chairs in each. Though Grab A Snack warmly welcomes their customers to stay by offering FREE Wi-fi, its main concept is really to provide a quick service for customers that are always on the go. If you choose to stay, then you will definitely get a cozy and loving accommodation.


For a dollar, customers are welcome to make their own coffee however they want it using this Flavia Coffee Machine. It has different flavored coffee such as French Roast, Hazelnut, Columbia, Donut Shop Blend, Espresso Roast, Dove Hot Chocolate, and even two flavors of tea, green and lemon. The machine can get a bit confusing to operate but before you know it, someone is already there waiting to help customers.

Here is the full menu as of now and I cannot wait to show you what I had on my first visit!


As you can see, Grab A Snack also offers Bubble Teas in five different flavors. Customers are free to choose the level of sweetness of their bubble teas whether 25%, 50%, 75%, or 100%. I got a small Taro Bubble Tea with 50% sweetness. I had so many bubble teas in my life and if I would compare it to well-known bubble tea places that I’ve been, then it definitely fulfilled my expectations.


I had to try one of their speciality rice bowls so I had the Bulgogi. I could’ve easily ordered the chicken rice bowl but I wanted to try something different. My brother, who attended the grand opening, told me to try it so I did!

wpid-20150829_165700.jpgwpid-20150829_165713.jpgGosh that was delicious!! The thinly sliced beef on top of white rice was tender, juicy, and sweet, but the sweetness was not overwhelming. The serving of the meat was also proportional to the serving of the rice so there won’t be any left overs for sure! You might think that Bulgogi is a pretty popular Korean food, so what’s so special about it? Grab A Snack actually offers a different kind of rice recipe that you can have instead of the typical white rice for an additional cost. When ordering, make sure to let them know that you want the “special” rice instead.

Here’s a photo of Chicken Rice Bowl which I didn’t personally try but my dad finished it in no time!





Salad can be so boring and honestly, I dread eating it. You can find any salad mix anywhere you go but Grab A Snack is the only place where you can have this light and delicious dressing. Bullshit aside, (excuse my language loves lol), I have never enjoyed eating salad this much. I didn’t need to add grilled chicken or any kind of meat to make it easier to eat and it was freshly mixed/made from scratch.

wpid-wp-1440918268221.jpg wpid-wp-1440918268213.jpgAre you seeing this? Because this, my loves, is by far the best chicken wrap I have ever tasted, no lie! Using another original recipe for the dressing and an original kind of wrap made of scallion, Grab A Snack created a healthy yet tasteful chicken asian wrap. You can also get this in veggie, beef, viet spring roll, tofu, or chicken quesadilla.

wpid-wp-1440918268227.jpg wpid-wp-1440918268218.jpg

Soup is next which is perfect for the upcoming cold season. Grab A Snack offers three kinds of soup: Shrimp & Corn Chowder, New England White Clam Chowder, and Cream of Broccoli. I had the New England Clam Chowder Soup. I don’t remember the last time I had this but this was very creamy and salty enough for my taste. Some soup I had before barely had any ingredients in it other than the soup itself. Grab A Snack’s New England White Clam Chowder was packed and I truly enjoyed every spoonful!

wpid-20150829_164720.jpg wpid-20150829_174938.jpg wpid-20150829_174813.jpg

No matter how much I eat, I always have room for coffee and dessert. This delicious Almond Danish came from Calandra’s Italian & French Bakery so as the rest of pastries Grab A Snack offers. From cheesecake slice, carrot cake, tiramisu slice, red velvet to creme brules, the “variety is endless!”

There you have it! What are you waiting for loves? Start your week right and stop by! If you are a local resident of Jersey City, make sure to come and support our local businesses and come check it out. Please do spread the word and share this post to your friends and family through your social media accounts using the hashtag #grabasnackJC. For those who are miles away, you are more than welcome to stop by whenever you get around the area.

Thank you Grab A Snack for a warm and fun experience. I will definitely be coming back! 🙂 ❤

The Jersey City Project: Eats


July 18, 2015! Mark that day loves because this was my very first food truck/food vendor experience! I was able to go to The Jersey City Project: Eats where they invited local food businesses around Jersey City to present what they have to offer during the two-day event. Different types of food vendors gathered around City Hall Plaza in Downtown Jersey City and satisfied everyone’s taste buds! I went with a friend of mine and was able to take photos for you to see. Check them out! My review of the event will follow. Do check out their websites by clicking the name of the vendor/business on this post.

wpid-20150718_152323.jpg wpid-20150718_153501.jpg

Here are two of my favorite drink stand of the day. Lizzmonade is not just about the lemonade. It prides itself for offering customizable drink using local produce and in-season fruit for their customers. Let them know how you want your lemonade and they make it for you. The Big Straw offers different flavored teas and milk teas they call tealite and tealatte. Bubbles, Jelly (lychee, strawberry & mango),  caramel pudding, & red bean can be added to the drink of your choice. The Big Straw also lets you choose your drink’s level of sweetness. I ordered my favorite Coconut Cookie Crumble perfect for a hot and humid day.


Yum! Andy’s Chicken & Waffles was delicious, at least according to my friend. 🙂 I could also tell how popular it was based on the line of people waiting to get their own. The chicken was served right off the pan which made it really juicy. Waffles wasn’t served as warm as we thought but it was definitely understandable. There were too many customers waiting in line. It will take forever if Andy’s prepped waffles from scratch. Andy’s Market is not just about chicken & waffles. It offers a wide selection of prepared foods using fresh local and organic produce.


wpid-20150718_155308.jpg wpid-20150718_155313.jpg wpid-20150718_155316.jpg

Pick a BonBon. This cute local vendor’s tag line is “Heavy on the taste, not on the waist!” This explains why they provide customers with the nutrition facts of each of their product. My friend tried Loco for Coco while I devoured the Smores. My friend thought it was too sweet but I thought mine was just right. Pick a BonBon makes their pastries sweet but small enough so the sweetness is just right and not too much. They call these Brazilian inspired bonbons. As of now, Pick a BonBon offers 9 flavors: Smores, Minify, The Original, Little Berry, Loco for Coco, Peanut Heaven, Pumpkin Pie, Strawnana, and Coffee. All 100 calories or less. Pick a BonBon delivers anywhere in the US and is open to creating a custom flavor.




Yup! Another dessert place. Double D’s is co-owned by sisters Dawn & Dena. They don’t have a store yet but they take orders through their Facebook site or via phone call. I was able to taste the original crumbalz and the red velvet flavor. Well, both were delicious but Red Velvet crumb cake was the bomb! Check out their S’more cake on their Instagram page. O_O OMG!

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to try any other foods yesterday. I was too full after my Coconut Cookie Crumble from The Big Straw, S’more BonBon from Pick a BonBon, and the Original and Red Velvet Crumb Cake from Double D’s. I did take as much pictures as I could. Most of the vendors yesterday (July 18, 2015) will still be present today (July 19, 2015). Click here to check the website of Jersey City Projects for more upcoming events. Project: Eats was definitely an amazing event overall. Local vendors were able to gather in one place at the same time showcasing what they’ve got to the local people of Jersey City. It was such a great way to get the community together. Although it was hot and humid today, I can definitely say that it was such a good turn out. Project: Eats should be an annual event in Jersey City. I am looking forward to next year, or maybe next season.

If you are planning to go today, make sure to bring cash. Though some businesses accept cards, it’s safer to bring some cash than nothing. Try to carpool instead of driving separately if you’re going with a bunch of people. Parking around downtown is horrible even more so during an event like this. Come early so you can have enough time looking for parking. Do not bring too much with you. A small purse or wristlet is enough. The space can be a little crowded which makes it hard to move from point A to point B. Pets are allowed. Just make sure you follow basic rules regarding your pets if you plan on bringing them. Project: Eats is an event for the entire family. If you plan on bringing your kids, especially kids that are still in a stroller, just keep in mind that the space is not too big. It’s doable but it might be a bit tough bringing strollers in the event. Most importantly, bring your appetite with you! Try not to eat before coming to the event so you can try as much food as you want. Have fun loves and enjoy Project: Eats! Let me know how the experience is for you! 😉

wpid-20150718_160941.jpg wpid-20150718_160912.jpg wpid-20150718_160830.jpg wpid-20150718_160825.jpg wpid-20150718_160757.jpg wpid-20150718_160742.jpg wpid-20150718_160706.jpg wpid-20150718_160651.jpg wpid-20150718_160734.jpg wpid-20150718_160731.jpg wpid-20150718_160616.jpg wpid-20150718_160447.jpg wpid-20150718_160421.jpg wpid-20150718_160344.jpg wpid-20150718_160306.jpg wpid-20150718_160259.jpg wpid-20150718_160339.jpg wpid-20150718_154921.jpg wpid-20150718_154812.jpg wpid-20150718_154849.jpg wpid-20150718_154804.jpg wpid-20150718_154730.jpg wpid-20150718_154601.jpg wpid-20150718_154544.jpg wpid-20150718_154524.jpg wpid-20150718_154521.jpg wpid-20150718_154416.jpg wpid-20150718_154413.jpg wpid-20150718_154356.jpg wpid-20150718_154351.jpg wpid-20150718_154307.jpg wpid-20150718_153815.jpg wpid-20150718_153744.jpg wpid-20150718_153739.jpg wpid-20150718_153730.jpg wpid-20150718_153644.jpg wpid-20150718_153620.jpg wpid-20150718_153235.jpg wpid-20150718_153112.jpg wpid-20150718_152845.jpg wpid-20150718_152800.jpg wpid-20150718_152739.jpg wpid-20150718_152606.jpg

There’s A New Kid on the Block: The Big Straw


Top: H&M

Watch: Michael Kors

Purse: TJ Maxx

It’s Saturday! Yas!!! How was your Fridate loves? I hope you enjoyed yourself as much as I did. Two of my bestest friends and I met up in Downtown Jersey City yesterday. We rarely get together because of work and other things going on in our lives so we were so excited! Before Cesca and I met with Jeff, we stopped by this cute little bubble tea place in Jersey City called The Big Straw.

I had a small Coconut Cookie Crumble (Coconut Milk Tea Smoothie, Oreo Cookie Crumble, Agave Honey) with bubbles. It was definitely delicious! The drink wasn’t overwhelmingly sweet, which I really liked.
Check out these photos I took yesterday. The place is quite small but it’s cute. If you want more information about the place and the drinks/food they offer, do visit their website and click here. If you ever get the chance to visit, make sure to take a picture and tag me on Instagram: aislinnpaula 😉

Enjoy your weekend!

lots of love!

wpid-20150710_164854.jpg wpid-20150710_164752.jpg wpid-20150710_164950.jpg wpid-img_20150710_165133.jpg