Check out Applebee’s new Menu! I am not positive if it’s already available nationwide but some of the brand new entrees, appetizers, and desserts look amazingly delicious!20150524_16485420150524_16391620150524_16491820150524_165135_001   20150524_165112 20150524_165125_001

What I had today: Cedar Grilled Lemon Chicken | 570 Calories


I’m not too picky but this was definitely delicious. I liked the portioning of it. It was perfect for one person. I didn’t get too full but I wasn’t hungry at the end of my meal. The berries and quinoa mixed with rice was absolutely divine! They definitely gave an added flavor to plain white rice. The chicken was not dry at all (kinda was expecting it to be). It was actually soft and juicy.

Unfortunately, I didn’t get the chance to try Churro S’mores. 😦 I had the Triple Chocolate Meltdown instead. Nothing special. Just chocolate molten cake with vanilla ice cream. I will definitely come back for those Churro S’mores though. 🙂

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