Blessed with Red Light PR


Hey loves! Remember when I posted my little trip to New York City last week? Well, I was there for an internship interview with Red Light PR. I am so excited to share that I got the internship!!! The showroom manager contacted me two days ago letting me know about the good news. I am so humbled by this opportunity and I cannot wait to share this experience with you.

Red Light PR in New York City is located at Broadway Avenue between 21st and 22nd Street. My interview with Erica, the showroom manager, was scheduled at 11AM. I arrived around the area at 9:50AM. I know. I was way too early. I didn’t drive at all so I wanted to make sure that I had enough time. The commute wasn’t that bad. Like I said in my previous post, I enjoyed it very much, especially going to New York City. I had my second cup of coffee that day and sat outside a nice coffee shop. Was I nervous? Not at all. I figured, I just needed to be myself. If it’s for me, then it’s for me. If I don’t get it, then I just have to try another company, another day. No reason to be upset at all.

Around 10:45AM I went in their office and I was greeted by a gentleman where he led me to the showroom. It was nice, neat, and cozy. I was greeted with smiles as I entered the door. I waited a little bit and finally met Erica. She invited two other interns during my interview to give their perspective on the internship opportunity. It was intimidating at first but I found it really helpful listening to what they have to say about the company and their experience. Overall, they made it clear to me that the internship program at RLPR is nothing like what we see on tv where interns run errands all day. Instead, it is a hands-on opportunity to learn about the company and what they do in the fashion and entertainment industry. I am up for the challenge.

I am so ready to learn more about the company, the fashion and entertainment industry, and even learn a thing or two about myself. I cannot wait to experience it all and I promise to share them with all of you.

Red Light PR is a fashion public relations firm located in New York City and LA. The firm specializes in fashion publicity, brand awareness, product placement, fashion events, and more. RLPR works with up-coming fashion designers as well as large corporations. Learn more about this company and click here.


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